AP Art
GENESIS 1:1 – "In the beginning God created…"

  The topic of my concentration is the idea of order and chaos. I chose this due to my experiences with sudden, drastic changes in my life, and the world that throw my reality into chaos. As well as the ways I’ve found to cope and adjust to these changes to maintain order. A lot […]


  In my concentration, I worked with several mediums. I found that it was important to represent each focus/study with a medium that I thought would match. I used acrylic, watercolor, graphite, sharpie, collage (newspaper), and ink (printing). Using all different sizes of paper helped me to convey the impact the subjects have had on […]


      My concentration pieces are focus on the country’s culture. Some of them I focus on the scenery and some distinctive buildings that could embody the culture of the countries. Just like China, I uses the map of the China and some ancient buildings in my town, and I also draw a girl […]


          When creating this concentration series, I was inspired by recent movements that are founded upon the idea of femininity. Throughout this process, I explored what feminine means to empowering females around me through the mediums of graphite, crayon, charcoal and paint. Each piece has been created to reflect each woman’s […]




           From top to bottom: 18 x 24, Pencil, sharpie, ink, charcol. 18 x 24, Pencil, ink, crayon. 24 x 36, Pencil, colored charcol. 8 x 12, Pencil, ink, watercolor paint. 11 x 17, Pencil, sharpie, pen. 11 x 17,  Pencil, sharpie. 36 x 24, Pencil, charcol. 24 x 36, Pencil, charcol. 36 […]