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My concentration/thesis is an artistic exploration of Kazimierz Dąbrowski’s Theory of Positive Disintegration: a psychological theory that perceives psychological tensions as necessary for personality development and human fulfilment.
This theory is displayed on a pyramid, split into five levels.IMG_9641

“Level III, Ascending”
Materials: Crayola colored pencils
The third level is the point of most tension and stress, generally becoming the ultimate make-or-break moment. I chose to make it a blend of colors due to reaching through all the mental hardships and difficulty. Level III proves to be the harshest due to it being considered that once this level is reached, one cannot regress back into any former levels, only being left with the options of stagnation, further progression, or self-termination. I portrayed this through the figure reaching for a light, but having no limbs of substance to actually obtain it and grasp it for themselves in control. I removed the head and replaced it with loose, unfinished loops, representing the general lack of stability that is seen throughout any individual within this conflict. This idea along with the text on the top was inspired by a simple piece I saw through Michael Dumontier’s page @stoppingoffplace that was originally created by David Shrigley under the name of “Untitled (You cannot make me sad). The text next to the body was from a dream I had a long while ago in which someone I used to be close to were in a library and while I was very limp, they opened a book for me that said this. This came to mind as I felt physically unable to move and emotionally stuck where I was in that moment. Through continuing the story and having an “and” to continue, the figure, alike to my direct situation, the figure is able to continue their progression and grow towards understanding themselves and their humanity rather than falling in on themselves.


“Level II, Ascending”
Materials: Watercolor, fingers?
Level II is considered the first step involving disintegration, involving an initial factor or event that triggers the process of imbalance and personal growth. I chose to only have a portion of the head to symbolize the portion of the person’s further understanding of self coming together, but still so much yet to grow and come to light. I then aligned seven spots to represent the seven balances that are seen throughout multiple cultures and religions that represent balance and health within the self. I used my thumb to create these to make them reflect more individuality and humanness to each feature. Six are shown in line and in peace, however, the top spot is in red and in a similar shape of a brain, representing an imbalance in the self, often seen through overthinking and psychological stressors. However, it is somewhat easy for a person to regress back into this state. For this reason, there is shown a hand through removing a portion in the ASL sign of “trap”. Though it would be more comfortable to revert, they will not truly grow as an individual if they return.

IMG_9644 (1)

“Level III, Stagnant”
Materials: Crayola colored pencils
Following “Level III, Ascending”, I chose similar colors to represent the overwhelming internalization going on within the individual at this period of time. Unlike “Level III, Ascending”, this piece is somewhat less hopeful, as the individual is being absorbed as well blended in within its background rather than breaking through. It’s a dangerous point of time as they are on a thin line of their breaking point. However as they are struggling or on the verge of breaking, they look for answers yet find none unless they decide to address and further themselves, seen through the figure paging and gripping onto a book with many pages, yet all empty. Instead of a feminine figure, I aimed to create more masculine features as stubbornness is perceived more as a masculine trait, and traditionally, as men are often seen as someone who should be able to support themselves on their own and should know how to fix themselves without aid. While the Theory of Positive Disintegration promotes self-growth,  if an individual lacks initiative to address their own struggling, they will crack or lack the answers to further themselves. I also involved this aspect through harsher strokes/strikes of lines.



IMG-3213i experimented with watercolors and theres one of the steps for this but ill get back to the descriptions


based on an older draft (idk why the black lines are showing up), has to do with the steps again
IMG-3215 ugly draft 1 but this also had to do with the steps

IMG-3216ugly draft 2 but i might try to further this one

IMG-3221just me trying things out with watercolor again i actually had another one of these that looked more put together but i forgot to take a picture of it, ill do that and through it back in here tn

IMG-3218first time experimenting with gouache!! i have more to say about this but to sum it up before i get back to it– focus on tunnel vision and cycles, the dots at the bottom were inspired of a passover ritual of taking a drop of wine and putting it on your plate to remember each of the plagues

IMG-3217i did this while i was bored at home and just messing around but i was using gouache with a pencil eraser, continuing the wine/blood drop theme, motion of the figure falling, allusion to kind of a crime site body marking thing if you know what i mean, i also meant the drops below and above to kind of be reminiscent of an earlier piece

IMG-3220 IMG-3219

above are two work-in-progress pieces that i want to digitally experiment with… theyre very very rough right now

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