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Fashion Designs Inspired by Animals


This design is different from the others. Instead of an outfit, this is a design of a mermaid-like woman. Her ears are shaped like fish fins with multiple shades of purple making up her whole look.


This design was inspired by the features of a snake. The pattern on the dress resembles the pattern on the skin of a snake, along with the golden fabric circling up the dress. Her earrings also have snake-like twists matching the gold fabric.


This design was made with the features of a bluejay. The dress she’s wearing has bluejay feathers on it that line the top with a flowy black skirt and dark blue heels. I took the picture of a runway model and edited the dress on top.


This watercolor painting displays a woman with the tail of a seahorse. Her hair is in a french braid, and she is surrounded by coral and ocean colors.


This design is inspired by a jellyfish. The shawl covering the top of the dress with strands of fabric attached around the edges resembles the tentacles and the umbrella resembles the top or bell of the jellyfish. The dress itself is made of taffeta.


This dress is inspired by the features of a butterfly. The fabric attached to the arms resembles wings along with the bright colors which contrast with the black pattern. The dress is made of a shiny, silk fabric.


This design resembles a fox. This sheath, charmeuse dress is a sparkly orange color with a matching handbag. The bright orange ombre hair has two ears attached.


This peacock design includes colorful feathers on the top and a strapless dress. The black lipstick contrasts with all of the bright colors and the ponytail hairstyle complements the design of the dress.


This design is inspired by a wolf. The feathery fabric behind the dress resembles a tail and the half up half down hairstyle attaches to a pair of ears. The dark blue matches her eyes and contrasts with the silvery gray color. The blue sides are velvet while the rest of the dress is made of brocade.


This design resembles a koala. The hairstyle has two buns that represent the ears with a layered, silvery gray and brown chiffon dress. This is a ballgown style with one strap that ties in the back.



This design is inspired by a lion. The sparkling gold color with the curly, mane-like hair represents what I believe makes a lion beautiful, and what many notice first when looking at one. The dress is a ball gown style made of taffeta fabric.

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