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GENESIS 1:1 – "In the beginning God created…"
H Hartman Concentration


7in by 7in; watercolor and pencil; For this piece, I made the hand in black and white because I wanted the focus to be on the beauty of the flower. My concentration series focuses on how people interact with the world through their hands, and in this piece, I wanted to show how people can easily hold something that is beautiful and delicate.


7in by 7in; gouache and pencil; For this piece, I wanted to show how hands are often used to communicate with others. People use their hands to understand others through writing. I made the hand and pen in color with the writing in pencil to show that the importance is in the action of writing and trying to communicate rather than necessarily what’s being said.



9in by 7in; watercolor and pencil; For this piece I wanted to show how our hands directly relate to appearances. Not only do hands cause a hairstyle or clothes to be styled a certain way, the positioning of hands also gives someone a different appearance. If a girl is constantly twirling her hair, then others will likely think that she’s feminine and caught up with her appearance. In this piece the hand is in black and white while the hair and background is in color to show that the way the hand moves the things around it is more important than the hand in and of itself.


3.5in by 4.5in; watercolor and pencil; This piece is meant to represent how the bonds of community and love overcome the blandness of everyday life. This is shown through the hands being in color with the clothes and background being black and white.


14in by 11in; oil pastel; this scene is more abstract and shows a hand on a steering wheel at night. I made this piece because I wanted to illustrate how important hands are to transportation and moving around the world.


8in by 10in; colored pencil; this piece shows hands overlapping in different positions. It’s meant to represent how diverse hands can be and the variety of emotions, actions, and things they can display.

hand window

9in by 12in; watercolor and graphite; This is a painting of a woman with her hand on a window while looking away. It’s meant to represent how hands can be used as a barrier between connections.


7x3in; oil paint; this is a small section of a larger painting that’s a self portrait with me and my dog. This piece is meant to show the care and love hands can give


6×8; block print; I made this piece to show how symbolic hands can be. These hands are holding flowers, but by having it just be the silhouette it seems distant and more imposing


6×8; block print; This piece is the detailed version of the last piece. It’s meant to represent similar concepts, but I wanted it to feel more personal. Having outlined fingers, stems, and flower petals makes the image more striking and less distant. Throughout the process, I wanted to experiment with the level of detail to see how it would change the impact the image made, and I think that both the silhouette version and the detail version have their merits.

final hands

9×12; drawing to photo shopped image; This piece is a digital collage of hands. I first shaded the hands individually, then I took pictures of them and photo shopped everything so that it was overlapping. Much like a similar piece I made, this is meant to show how diverse hands can be in their meanings. Hands can show so many things, from using sign language, to universal gestures, to being clenched in pain. Hands help reveal who people are, and I wanted to use this piece to help show that idea.


9x7in; pencil; I made this piece because I wanted to show a simple hand in a simple environment. Although there’s not much to it, the hand could be expressing many different things. Some people have said that it looks angry, while others have said that it seems afraid.


7x7in; pencil on cut paper; This piece is a continuation of the last piece in the series. This hand is cut up to show how fragile hands and living things in general are.


8×10; colored pencil over printed image; This image is a continuation of the photo shopped image. I wanted to explore how the use of color related to the impact of the image, and I wanted to see if it would help clarify the meaning. I like that the color breaks up the hands into individuals, and I think it helps to show how diverse hands can be.


24×12; pencil, colored pencil over printed image; This is the entire series with the original shaded hand pictures and the colored pencil pieces. Overall, I think that this piece helps show how diverse hands can be. It shows how they can change and give completely different meanings.

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