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GENESIS 1:1 – "In the beginning God created…"
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\ NJT4Size:19cmX26cm  Materials:Markers,sharpes。My favorite part is the way to replace the clouds and how to show the shadows on the railway.



NJT3Size:19cmX26cm  Materials:Markers,sharpe。The lines in this diagram are very dense. I used a lot of lines in different directions, different densities to distinguish different things.

NJT2Size:19cmX26cm  Materials: Markers,sharpe,water color brush. I added the yellow and red because they are the most classic and gorgeous colors on the railroad. I added blue to show the different shadows of the water.

NJT1Size: 19cmX26cm Materials: Markers, Sharpes, watercolor brush. Because of the previous artwork was too colorless, so I try to make this one colorful.

NJT5Size: 19cmX26cm Materials: Markers, Sharpes, watercolor brush. I add the color cus I feel it’s too empty if I don’t put the color in.

IMG_8660 Size: 19cm x 13cm Materials: Markers, Sharpes.  In this painting, I continued to use lines to represent the train, and I used a lot of lines. There are lines with different density.IMG_8661 Size: 19cm x 13cm  Materials: Markers, Sharpes, colored pencils. In this work, I made a new attempt to make line trains and color signs appear together, and I used new materials.

I drew a series of pictures of NJ Transit. Some are focused on the trains, they’re monochrome, I use the lines to express those pictures. Another kind is focused on the signals, I drew the background and then color the signals, to point it out. The last kind is focused on the landscape, I color the background. I drew those pieces in order to show my life on the way to the city because I go to New York a lot. I’ve done two new pieces, and they come in smaller sizes, and one of them is a continuation of the train in lines, with really a lot of lines. Another one is a new kind of experiment, and I’m trying to make a little bit of a change. In this artwork, the train is depicted in lines at the same time, and there are also colored signs, and I also use a new material, colored pencils.


Size:27cmx 16cm   Materials: pencils, water color。In this case, I used watercolors that I had never used before. The background of this painting is mainly forest and sky, and I think watercolor is a good way to show the gradual changes of trees and sky.


IMG_9091 Size:30cm x 19cm  Materials: Print. This is another type of printing that I have never used before. This is the same series as the last painting. I sealed a seal with the pencil sketch of the last painting.

IMG_9067  Materials: Photoshop collage  I made a series of collages in photoshop. This is one of them. The color of the background and I’m using the color elements that I drew in the watercolor. I did a tonal inversion to change the color of the forest to this cosmic color. What this painting is trying to convey is that the train to New York carries infinite possibilities.

微信图片_20200123033853 Size: Materials: This is a work by using chemical of light, shadow and a gold plate.

  • This is another work focuses on the part of the sign. What I like most about this piece is that the detail of the shadow is the pitting on the gold plate.

微信图片_20200123033902 Size: Materials: Print This is a print.I like two points in this work, one is the empty space in the sky and the caboose, but the clever use of contrasting colors of red and blue, just distinguish the tree from the earth.微信图片_20200123033904 Size: Materials: Print    This is also print work. There are many dots and lines in the work, and the mixture of purple and pink makes the work seem full of Electronic style.微信图片_20200123023518 Materials: Photoshop collage   This is another photoshopped collage with a lot of elements about me and New York, including photos I took in New York, and pictures of my best friends. Of course, the most important train is indispensable. The picture of times square represents New York. The hands and forks in the picture symbolize my visit to New York, mainly to eat delicious food.power station Materials: Photoshop collage   This is the last collage. I’m using trains form I drawing and the background is also from my watercolor piece. This painting is about in the middle position of my 15 pieces. I had no idea at that time, so I used the previous works to spell this painting at the teacher’s suggestion.

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