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GENESIS 1:1 – "In the beginning God created…"
R Hagedoorn
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Early on in my concentration I realized that sticking to one style of art was going to strain me in my art. I decided to shift my concentration to focus on how I can show fear through different styles and mediums. From my realistic style I moved to a blocked colored cartoon style, and from there I moved on to making prints with rubber stamp.


Title: Fear of Wind

Material: Watercolor paints

Size: 8×8

Description: My first piece in my concentration was fear of wind. I planned on doing my entire series with this style while following the same concept of fear. In this picture, the man is being blown with sever winds that are pulling on his face. This is demonstrating what people with Ancraophobia, fear of wind, picture with even the slightest breeze.


Tile: Fear of Bees

Material: Watercolor Paints

Size: 5×5

Description: People with melissophobia have a serious fear of bees. Wether or not they have an allergy to bee stings, they are terrified when around bees. I picture them thinking the bees are going to go into their ears mostly because I’m not a fan of bees, especially when they go by my ears. She is also crying honey, but I like honey so I might be ok with that.


Tile: Fear of Balloons

Material: Watercolor Paints

Size: 8×8

Description: Clowns are a pretty common fear, but there is another fear that is more uncommon that I wanted to illustrate, the fear of balloons. This child feels surrounded by balloons and is visibly upset about her situation, it shows her globophobia. I specifically love the colors in this one, its probably my favorite on paper art I’ve done in this series. This was also the last piece I did because I had sketched a fear of hights, but decided it didn’t match as well with the other photos in the series.


Title: Fear of Tongues

Material: Acrylic Paint

Size: 5×5

Description: At this point I switched my material and style from realistic to cartoon and bold lines. I needed a break from the back and fourth of realism, and this was a clean way to do that. Touloungeaphobia is the fear of tongues, so I depicted a girls tongue chocking her, as people who experience this often worry about chocking on their own tongue.


Title: Fear of Spiders

Material: Acrylic paint

Size: 8×8

Description: Arachnophobia is the common fear of spiders. A lot of people have this fear, weather rational or irrational.


Title: Fear of Holes

Material: Acrylic paint

Size: 8×8

Description: The fear of holes is a phobia I have. Technically called Trypophobia, this is the fear of holes close together. IMG_7651

Title: the fear of money

Material: Rubber stamp

Size: 9×12

Description: As I was apart of another class while making this series, I watched them make prints and decided to try it out. I made the next 3 pieces as a way to explore materials. My first piece is a larger one, Chrometophobia. The fear of money can stem from the fear of what to do with it as well as the concept of spending.


Title: Fear of Beetles

Material: Print

Size: 6.5 x 6.5

Description: Another print depicting Entomophobia, or fear of bugs (specifically beetles)


Title: Fear of The Ocean

Material: Print

Size: 4×6

Description: Thalassophobia is the fear of the ocean. Depicted is a girl holding her breath underwater surrounded by seaweed.


Title: Fear of Freezing to Death

Material: SFX Makeup

Description: I decided to finish my concentration using special effects makeup on friends of mine. I plan on going to makeup school to be a makeup artist and wanted to display my love for makeup as a part of my series. Frigophobia is the fear of becoming too cold, so I depicted my model Grace as frozen as if she was left outside. Her skin is turning purple from hypothermia and there are holes in her skin where her skin has ripped due to freezing temperatures.


Title: Fear of Growing Old

Material: SFX Makeup

Description: Emma was an excellent candidate for the fear of growing old, or Gerascophobia. I depicted her with half her face aging while the other half is her young.


Title: Fear of Needles

Material: SFX Makeup

Description: Trypanophobia is the fear of needles. I did Nicholas’ makeup as if the needles were infecting him.


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