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GENESIS 1:1 – "In the beginning God created…"
Y Zhang – Concentration
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Material: watercolor paints and colored pencils

Dimension: 6×9

This is my last piece of the whole concentration. This is a door that connected the dream to the real world. I choose to draw this because of two reasons. First, there is always a portal that connected to the two worlds in fantasy. Second, this is actually a door of the Imperial Palace. I always like the Imperial Palace because of its grandness and magnificence, so I have to have a piece about it. The birds in this drawing came from a picture that I took in a lake in front of the school, and on the other side of the opened door is that lake. Therefore, opening the door means that the person who was dreaming was about to weak up, and because the door was opening, the birds were able to get into the dream.


IMG_4573.HEICMaterial: watercolor paints and pencil

Dimension: 6×9

For this collage, I choose to use black paper as background to emphasize the crane in the middle. I added a lot of other things like the flowers and the mountain which are black and white around the crane. There are only three colors, red, white, and black. This is also the only piece that I have in my concentration that has a black background. At first, I tried to use bright colors to make the picture looks as joyful as it could be, but through out the process of creating my concentration and the outcome of this piece, I found that black and white could express lots of emotions too.IMG_4553.HEIC

Material: watercolor paints and pencil

Dimension: 4.25×6

This piece is kind of like a continuation of my other piece that has a panda on it. But I added some trees in this collage. The trees in this collage were all in different media; some of them were drawn with watercolor paints, and some of them were drawn with markers. I think the combination of different media of one thing was also an experimentation. The small drawing in the middle made this looks more like a continuous dream. It’s like the movie “Inception”; a dream inside another dream.



Material: pencil and watercolor paints

Dimension: 6×9

For this piece, I tried some experimentations with collage. I chose to use some sketches and drafts before to create a new piece. I cut down something that I like then piece them together. I used the same elements as the other pieces I did to create something different with new composition. Instead of putting koi fish with a panda, I put some koi fish around the peony flowers and a pavilion. I also have a mountain in the upper left corner and a lantern in the middle.


Material: watercolor paints and black pen

Dimension:  5.5×7

For this piece, I drew two similar pavilions and made them look like reverse. I also drew some peony flowers in front of the pavilions. Peony flowers are a type of flower originated in China. It symbolized rich and perfect. At the bottom and top of this paper, I used blue watercolor paint to draw some water. For this piece, I did not use bright and bold colors, but I chose to use lighter colors and leave some space in the middle. This way, I could show some differences in my concentration.



Dimension: 12 × 18

For this piece, I chose to develop more with photoshop. I selected some parts and pieces from different photos and used stamp tool to piece them together. This is another piece of mine that contains a figure who is the traveller or the dreamer. This time, he went into a village that was full of pavilions, houses, plum blossoms and mountains. I layered the houses together and add some plum blossoms on the sides to make the entire picture layered and dynamic. I put the figure in the middle to make it looks like he and this wonderland-liked place are integrated.


Material: watercolor paints

Dimension: 5.5 × 7

I tried something different for this piece. I used photoshop to crop and blur the original picture  first, then I used watercolor paints to draw the photoshopped picture. I chose to do this because when people are dreaming, they cannot always see everything in their dreams clearly. Therefore, making the picture blurry could make it looks more like that this piece isdescribing a dream.


Material: watercolor paints, color pencils and gel pens

Dimension: 5.5 × 7

Panda is one of the symbols of China, so I decide to draw a piece about panda. I drew a panda in the middle, surrounded by some koi fish. In China, people thinks koi fish will bring people good luck and fortune. Since I drew panda and koi fish, I added some bamboos and waves to give it a coresponding background. The lantern in the upper left corner is also a traditional Chinese item.



Material: watercolor paints and gel pens

Dimension: 5.5 × 7

For my last concentration piece, I used a lot low saturated dark blue and red to make it looks like Chinese traditional paintings, and it turns out looking good, so I used this method again for this piece. The thing I drew under the bridge and on the house is to make the picture looks more blurry and mysterious. While people are in their dreams, they usually cannot see things clearly; and the splashing dots are made as snow. Also, you can find that there were willows, spouted trees and snow at the same time because it was in the dream. The pattern on the left bottom are patterns of tiles that people could find on Chinese traditional walls.


Material: watercolor paints

Dimension: 6×9.5

This piece is a continuation of the previous one. I really like the mountains and the way I drew it, so I choose to make another one just like the last piece. There is another meaning behind this piece; dream has continuity which means that there is a possibility of a person having two connected dreams or the same dream for twice.

Title: Mountains and Flying Birds

Material: watercolor paints and color pencils

Dimension: 9 × 12

I used watercolor paints to replace Chinese traditional painting pigments. I add more water to watercolor paint to make it more like I drew the mountains and clouds in a Chinese traditional painting way. I drew some clouds(Xiangyun) on the bottom which are the same as the ones I did in my first piece. A change I made in this piece is that I drew a person standing on top of the mountain but much smaller than the other persons I drew in other pieces.

Title: Met a Lion

Material: watercolor paints, color pencils, sharpie and markers

Dimension: 12 × 18

In this piece, I drew a lion with wings which is a creature only shows in a fantasy world(like the dragon I drew in my first piece). Then I drew hills and trees as forests for the background because it is kind of a place where lions live. The frame I did on the bottom is a mix of patterns that you will see on real Chinese traditional door frames. The person in the upper right corner is reaching his hand out to the lion like he is the host of the lion.


Title: (1)

Material: watercolor paints and color pencils

Dimension: 5.5 × 7

This drawing is the first piece in the series that I drew on smaller papers. I wanted to draw 6 smaller pieces and each of them is connected. I drew a Chinese traditional clock tower and a crane in this piece. The crane and the purple cloud I drew are symbols of good luck in China. Something good will happen on the person who saw the purple cloud. I drew the clock tower with color pencils, and everything else with watercolor paints. I didn’t draw a person in this one because I wanted to make some changes and I felt like this can leave people more imaginations. They probably would think that the person is sitting on the crane, the person is in the clock tower, or the person has already moved onto his next journey.


Title: (2)

Material: watercolor paints and sharpie

Dimension: 5.5 × 7

This one and (1) are connected. In this part of the “journey”, the person is still wondering in the dream. I drew some clouds(as I did for every drawing) and a planet, just like what I did for the first drawing of my series. I want to show that the person is in the dream by adding elements and drawing scenes that cannot be seen in the reality and made the person looks like he is floating or laying on the clouds.

Title: Start From Here

Material: Sharpie, color pencils, and watercolor

Dimension: 12×18

This drawing was created as a scene of a dream. I used many Chinese tradional elements and fantasy world elements in my drawing. For example, the clouds on the top of my drawing were drawn in many Chinese tradional paintings and murals; and the dragon in the middle is a mythical creature that symbolizes power and honor. For the background on the right, I drew some planets and stars to represent the space. I also drew a floating person in the space. This drawing is the frist drawing of my whole series, and it is also the frist chapter of the story that I am telling through this series. The person is referring to someone in the real world who is dreaming, and he/she is starting his/her jorney through entering from the space. This is the person’s first stop in his/her dream. He/she saw the dragon in the water, and the pavilion behind the mountain.

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