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GENESIS 1:1 – "In the beginning God created…"
Y Zhang – Concentration
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Material: watercolor paints and gel pens

Dimension: 5.5 × 7

For my last concentration piece, I used a lot low saturated dark blue and red to make it looks like Chinese traditional paintings, and it turns out looking good, so I used this method again for this piece. The thing I drew under the bridge and on the house is to make the picture looks more blurry and mysterious. While people are in their dreams, they usually cannot see things clearly; and the splashing dots are made as snow. Also, you can find that there were willows, spouted trees and snow at the same time because it was in the dream. The pattern on the left bottom are patterns of tiles that people could find on Chinese traditional walls.

Title: Mountains and Flying Birds

Material: watercolor paints and color pencils

Dimension: 9 × 12

I used watercolor paints to replace Chinese traditional painting pigments. I add more water to watercolor paint to make it more like I drew the mountains and clouds in a Chinese traditional painting way. I drew some clouds(Xiangyun) on the bottom which are the same as the ones I did in my first piece. A change I made in this piece is that I drew a person standing on top of the mountain but much smaller than the other persons I drew in other pieces.

Title: Met a Lion

Material: watercolor paints, color pencils, sharpie and markers

Dimension: 12 × 18

In this piece, I drew a lion with wings which is a creature only shows in a fantasy world(like the dragon I drew in my first piece). Then I drew hills and trees as forests for the background because it is kind of where lions live. The frame I did on the bottom is a mix of patterns that you will see on real Chinese traditional door frames. The person in the upper right corner is reaching his hand out to the lion like he is the host of the lion.


Title: (1)

Material: watercolor paints and color pencils

Dimension: 5.5 × 7

This drawing is the first piece in the series that I drew on smaller papers. I wanted to draw 6 smaller pieces and each of them is connected. I drew a Chinese traditional clock tower and a crane in this piece. The crane and the purple cloud I drew are symbols of good luck in China. Something good will happen on the person who saw the purple cloud. I drew the clock tower with color pencils, and everything else with watercolor paints. I didn’t draw a person in this one because I wanted to make some changes and I felt like this can leave people more imaginations. They probably would think that the person is sitting on the crane, the person is in the clock tower, or the person has already moved onto his next journey.


Title: (2)

Material: watercolor paints and sharpie

Dimension: 5.5 × 7

This one and (1) are connected. In this part of the “journey”, the person is still wondering in the dream. I drew some clouds(as I did for every drawing) and a planet, just like what I did for the first drawing of my series. I want to show that the person is in the dream by adding elements and drawing scenes that cannot be seen in the reality and made the person looks like he is floating or laying on the clouds.

Title: Start From Here

Material: Sharpie, color pencils, and watercolor

Dimension: 12×18

This drawing was created as a scene of a dream. I used many Chinese tradional elements and fantasy world elements in my drawing. For example, the clouds on the top of my drawing were drawn in many Chinese tradional paintings and murals; and the dragon in the middle is a mythical creature that symbolizes power and honor. For the background on the right, I drew some planets and stars to represent the space. I also drew a floating person in the space. This drawing is the frist drawing of my whole series, and it is also the frist chapter of the story that I am telling through this series. The person is referring to someone in the real world who is dreaming, and he/she is starting his/her jorney through entering from the space. This is the person’s first stop in his/her dream. He/she saw the dragon in the water, and the pavilion behind the mountain.

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