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GENESIS 1:1 – "In the beginning God created…"
Aidan Johnson- Concentration

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The topic of my concentration is the idea of order and chaos. I chose this due to my experiences with sudden, drastic changes in my life, and the world that throw my reality into chaos. As well as the ways I’ve found to cope and adjust to these changes to maintain order. A lot of these pieces are results of that struggle to make sense of change, emotional hardship, the chaotic nature of high school and the anticipation of what comes after.

I mainly used pencil as it allowed me to create intricate details and line work, as well as a variety of shading options. To express chaos I used clusters of frantic patterns and swirls to create trippy, cluttered pieces. To create representations of order, I left blank spaces and used natural landscapes, most prominently seen in pieces #3 and #5. Using softer shading and an escape from the frantic, wild messes in the other pieces.  I also experimented with color, I used watercolor in #7 to make a more soft, ethereal background, while I used colored pencil in #5 to make thicker lines and add a little brightness.

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