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GENESIS 1:1 – "In the beginning God created…"
E. Candela Concentration
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In my concentration, I worked with several mediums. I found that it was important to represent each focus/study with a medium that I thought would match. I used acrylic, watercolor, graphite, sharpie, collage (newspaper), and ink (printing). Using all different sizes of paper helped me to convey the impact the subjects have had on my life, whether they are part of my family, friends, or I just found their look intriguing. The largest piece of the series is a black white and grey painting of my sister and me. There are multiple series embedded into the concentration. A mini-series made up of two paintings from a study I did of my best friend. In most of my pieces, I have inverted the colors of pictures taken of people in my life. Creating a completely black and white version of the pictures. Using sharpies, I drew the figures on 18×24 pieces of paper. Taking the background out of the pictures and adding a new colorful one. Creating a stark contrast between the bright colors and smooth black lines.

The colors were chosen specifically for each person. I used the colors that came to mind when I thought of that person. For example, the colors that I used for my best friend (pinks and purples) are more lighthearted and girly, compared to the colors used in the piece of my sister and Myself. I used almost rainbow colors in a wave-like pattern, to represent the ups and downs of a sibling relationship.  I used brighter or softer colors for each piece to represent the different shades of personalities. “The colors or people”


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