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GENESIS 1:1 – "In the beginning God created…"
T.Lin Concentration
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My concentration pieces are focus on the country’s culture. Some of them I focus on the scenery and some distinctive buildings that could embody the culture of the countries. Just like China, I uses the map of the China and some ancient buildings in my town, and I also draw a girl with traditional clothes.


My favourite pieces from my concentration are the Japan, Russia and Korea. I did them on my ipad. For the Russia one, I was trying painting with the technique as acrylic paint. And the the other two, I was trying painting with the technique as watercolor. For the Japan one, I focus on the traditional food and clothes. And the background I put on a cherry tree and torii. There are lots of China’s pieces, because I born in China and I grow in China, this is my hometown and some of the places are I have been there and did the sketch for them. I think they all show the cultures of China.



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