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GENESIS 1:1 – "In the beginning God created…"
S. Cabral Concentration
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Concentration 1

Ap 1



My concentration was based around the idea of isolation of different subjects. I used nature scenes and other open spaces as backgrounds to create the feeling of isolation. Most subjects are by themselves with stoic expressions to create the feeling that they are both physically removed from people and emotionally detached from the environment and the viewer. There is one or two exceptions to this but all follow the idea of isolation. I used medium acrylic paint on canvas to help create a more realistic style. Although my color schemes consist of mostly brown tones, I had not intended to have a consistent color scheme.
The problems that I ran into were involved lack of time and references, and a short attention span. If I had more than a week and a half for each painting, I could made them way more realistic which was the goal. They would have also been more realistic if I used better references. It was hard finding a reference for something that I imagined in my head. I also struggled with the idea of copying from references. I felt copying from pictures limited creativity and justified not learning how light, perspective and basic anatomy worked. Although I’m far from being able to understand these things on my own, I still did not want to “cheat” with a reference. Lastly, I struggled with finding motivation to continue a painting that I did not like. As a result, some paintings look like there was effort put into them and then others look half finished.


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