AP Art
GENESIS 1:1 – "In the beginning God created…"

  For this collection, I was inspired by my little cousin Shannon.  Four years ago, she was diagnosed with brain cancer.  Her doctors only gave her a few weeks to live, but she fought bravely for the following seven months.  She was only six years old, and never even had her first day of 1st […]


To make these pieces, firstly, I tear newspapers and color papers, and then attach them on a vintage paper.   After this process, I use photoshop to add a drawing or draw on the vintage paper.   These kinds of works are called mix-media because I use the method of collage, photoshop, and hand drawing. […]


My concentration is “Disney in my head”. I reinterpreted the Disney characters into my own style of imagination. This is sort of a practice to change the existing ideas and stories into something completely new, same as Tim Burton reinterpreted the “Alice in Wonderland” and his old movie, “Frankenweenie”. In entire collection, I used my […]


      My concentration is inspired by nature and architecture. The first four design set is inspired by sea creatures which are nudibranch.  The second four design set is from architecture, and last four design set is inspired by the peacock spider. I used gouache which is like water color paint to draw these […]


                                                    My concentration is about the human’s body part.I choose mouse, nose, eyes, and nose because I thinks that is  important part of living the life. Also, I  divide into […]