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GENESIS 1:1 – "In the beginning God created…"
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For my 12 piece concentration series, I created an animated themed storybook based on a character I created who goes on adventures and discovers different landscapes. The character does not have a name, but her journey shows how fascinated she is with God’s amazing creations. Even though I did not include anything from Disney in […]



Bond J.- Concentration

/>/> Mission Statement: The focus of my concentration series is to bring awareness to the media’s negative influence on society through sexual exploitation. My concentration represents the media’s negative influence on society through sexual exploitation. In my concentration I have chosen twelve prominent figures in pop culture displaying the industry’s corruption. I used a wide […]

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      My concentration consists of important people and symbols in my life.  I have shown role models, myself and the image I like to portray, and significant others.  I chose to create my pieces by using pencils, I wanted to learn specifically how to draw the anatomy of the body and face.  




  These twelve pieces of my concentration have the major themes of Chinese culture, old society, human and environment, and time changing. All of them are done by pencil drawing; two of them include photoshop techniques. They are realistic and black and white only. About half of them are large scaled, which requires persistent works […]