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GENESIS 1:1 – "In the beginning God created…"

I used several materials which are different spray paints and magazine on cardboard box. first of all i collage to use magazine on the cardboard box, and then attach the stick paper on the box, and cut out some part of piece that i need. And spray on it and then take out whole part. […]

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For my concentration, I decided to focus on New York City.  Growing up so close to the city, I have always loved when my family would go in during Christmas and we would see the tree in Rockfeller Center.  The city is full of life and when you really take the time to look, it […]


  For this collection, I was inspired by my little cousin Shannon.  Four years ago, she was diagnosed with brain cancer.  Her doctors only gave her a few weeks to live, but she fought bravely for the following seven months.  She was only six years old, and never even had her first day of 1st […]