AP Art
GENESIS 1:1 – "In the beginning God created…"

  In my concentration, I worked with several mediums. I found that it was important to represent each focus/study with a medium that I thought would match. I used acrylic, watercolor, graphite, sharpie, collage (newspaper), and ink (printing). Using all different sizes of paper helped me to convey the impact the subjects have had on […]


      My concentration pieces are focus on the country’s culture. Some of them I focus on the scenery and some distinctive buildings that could embody the culture of the countries. Just like China, I uses the map of the China and some ancient buildings in my town, and I also draw a girl […]


    When creating this concentration series, I was inspired by recent movements that are founded upon the idea of femininity. Throughout this process, I explored what feminine means to empowering females around me through the mediums of graphite, crayon, charcoal and paint. Each piece has been created to reflect each woman’s definition, thus affecting […]


           From top to bottom: 18 x 24, Pencil, sharpie, ink, charcol. 18 x 24, Pencil, ink, crayon. 24 x 36, Pencil, colored charcol. 8 x 12, Pencil, ink, watercolor paint. 11 x 17, Pencil, sharpie, pen. 11 x 17,  Pencil, sharpie. 36 x 24, Pencil, charcol. 24 x 36, Pencil, charcol. 36 […]