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GENESIS 1:1 – "In the beginning God created…"

            Title: First Tooth Size: 8” x 10” Medium: Acrylic on canvas Description:             Title: First Look Size: 8” x 10” Medium: Acrylic on canvas Description:             Title: The First Breath Size: Medium: Acrylic on canvas paper Description:     […]

Most of these pieces are not truly finished, but I will continue to update the photos as the pieces are fired. For all of the pieces, the medium is clay and glaze. My concept for all the pieces will be groups of 3, and each group will explore a repeated/similar pattern in different ways. This […]

My sustained investigation presents various issues of the world, like disputes between countries, environmental issues and human rights. I aimed to evoke discussions on the issues presented in my work with the contrast of images, using vivid colors and bold layout. Through my work, I have found it possible to convey the various issues of […]


Materials: Color paper, color pencil, pen

It expresses the desires for freedom

Size: 25.4 x 20.7 in Medium: watercolor, colored pencils, pastel, poster paint I expressed my mixed, complicated feelings of stress due to social phenomena by drawing simple circles and rectangles. Next, I cut them into different shapes and made a collage on a canvas.  Size: 8.3 x 5.9 in Medium: pencil I practiced my self-portraits […]

    My concentration/thesis is an artistic exploration of Kazimierz Dąbrowski’s Theory of Positive Disintegration: a psychological theory that perceives psychological tensions as necessary for personality development and human fulfilment. This theory is displayed on a pyramid, split into five levels. “Level III, Ascending” Materials: Crayola colored pencils The third level is the point of […]

Fashion Designs Inspired by Animals This design is different from the others. Instead of an outfit, this is a design of a mermaid-like woman. Her ears are shaped like fish fins with multiple shades of purple making up her whole look. This design was inspired by the features of a snake. The pattern on the […]

7in by 7in; watercolor and pencil; For this piece, I made the hand in black and white because I wanted the focus to be on the beauty of the flower. My concentration series focuses on how people interact with the world through their hands, and in this piece, I wanted to show how people can […]

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\ Size:19cmX26cm  Materials:Markers,sharpes。My favorite part is the way to replace the clouds and how to show the shadows on the railway.     Size:19cmX26cm  Materials:Markers,sharpe。The lines in this diagram are very dense. I used a lot of lines in different directions, different densities to distinguish different things. Size:19cmX26cm  Materials: Markers,sharpe,water color brush. I added the yellow […]

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    Early on in my concentration I realized that sticking to one style of art was going to strain me in my art. I decided to shift my concentration to focus on how I can show fear through different styles and mediums. From my realistic style I moved to a blocked colored cartoon style, […]